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Thanks for the very detaile info @rvickers

The two reasons I tried abandoning to SwitchBlade were (a) the line level constraints you mention (although my prior rack unit was SB based and I too had learned how to navigate around the line level constraints of the SB), and (b) simplifying my rack. Funny enough, I sold the SwitchBlade on eBay, and the buyer was essentially unable to cope with the line level limitations, and send super hot clean preamp signal in the unit, whihc distorted. He concluded my unit was defective, so I took it back.

I admit i am reluctant to have to worry about that issue again, thence my hope to use the H9000 and Emote as a SwitchBlade replacement, but after discovering the routing limitations of the H9000/Emote (at least relative to a SwitchBlade, whihc is a very high standard as far as routing) and based on your feedback, I am now seriously reconsidering including it again.

I guess I am unsure how I am going to get my 3 outputs (WetLeft-DryCenter-WetRight) into my mixer if all 8 analog and ADAT are used up though.

What about USB then? Is it in a format that my TASCAM digital mixer can handle, or I need one more piece of hardware?