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J20056 wrote:

So specifically as far as USB, I’m now thinking to use it as an interface to LogicProX, which means I can record right away with lowest possible latency. Then for late night monitoring when the kids are sleeping, i could just buss the channels from LPX back into my mixer and into my monitors. Then I may not need Dante? What do you think?

If I am reading and understanding correctly, You can do this even without USB assuming you already have a DAW interface.  Remember, you don’t have to connect all the DB25 jacks to the SB.  In fact doing the following should help with noise as well.  The catch is I’m not sure what your Dry center is if you are wanting to do silent recording. I’m not clear on the LPX use etc. Anyway, use this as a guide with your actual setup:

– Loop ADAT for internal routing

– use IO 1/2 to connect to your DAW interface balanced line level for wet Left/Right from the H9K.  You should not need anything else in line here unless you have ground loops.  Now you can route your Wet FXchain right into your DAW.  

– use IO 3/4 on the DB25 to be your input and potentially your send.  I would connect these to the SB as a loop, but you could set this up to accept a guitar signal directly.  In any case this is where your guitar and any pedals that want to see a pickup first come into the H9K.  This is usually mono so really only need one of the I/O.  Lets use 3.

– Connect out I/O 3 into your AMP/Pre-AMP.  Here you can do what ever reamping concepts work for you. 

– In a typical wet/dry you don’t really need the amps EFX loop, But if you really want to you could use I/O 4 here. connect AMP send to in 4 and Amp return to out 4.  You might need to move to IO 5/6 depending on -10/+4 setting needs.  At this point, if you are using SBGL you now can put whatever you want from the anolog world in any config you want.  

– In Emote you can now create sessions with different routings of the 4 FX chains that work for you.  For pre amp effects come into an FXChain with anaolg input 3. Now, you can either exit the FXchain analog 3 to Amp input or you can exit via an ADAT out.  If you do the ADAT out you can then receive that signal into any other FXChain and start processing again.  Then you can exit out analog 3 and have 2 FX chains in series in front of your amp.

– The wet portion now depends where you want your wet.  If you want to use the AMP effects loop build a FX.Chain that uses anolg in 4 (or 5/6) and then process.  Now you can either exit anolg out to the AMP return making sure you do what you like with stereo effects into a mono return or you can now use an unused ADAT path to route to your 4th FXChain even in full stereo.  Now you exit the H9K either analog 4 to amp return or you exit full stereo via out 1/2 to your DAW.

Here you have used a max 6 I/O possibly only 4 leaving you 2.  That means you could split to DAW 1/2 and a power amp and cabs on 7/8 for in room/live use.

Note:  I would look into using a load box to get amp dry signal into the wet effects chain for processing.

Anyway, lots of ways to do this I think.  Maybe this can get you closer.