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Wow, so much to experiment with.
My amp, Mesa Boogie MarkV-25 has a XLR CabClone output and I can turn the speaker off. I did A/B comparisons in the past versus mixing the cab and it is very close; Clearly awesome for silent recording late at night.
I had success with the USB cable, so now I have another 16 I/O available, and since my mixer is digital, I can literally take the signal into LPX from the USB, then shoot it back to my mixer on 16 faders with zero additional latency via a FireWire interface between my mixer and my MacPro.
So all this works and I simply have to figure out how many SBGL I/O I need and painstakingly rewire with the usual specialized cables that I need to resolder for unbalanced gear. I bought a Radial JCR reamp box so I can an experiment to see if it helps for the FXChain in front of the MarkV.
I still need to digest some of the info that both of you have provided, but admittedly I am glad to reintroduce the SwitchBlade GL to my setup as I missed its flexibility.
I’ll report on my progress.