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First Happy New Year 2020 to the Eventide family of users! May the tone be with you!


I did a simple SBGL experiment whereby I plugged the guitar in one input and connected (in SBGL) to an output connected directly top the high Z input of myMarkV guitar amp. This was via unbaanced cable TS-TS. I carefully set a microphone and recorded the noise level of a high gain (IIC+) guitar tone. This way, I can see the level in LogicProX by the height of the signal bar (requires vertical zooming).

I then took the SBGL output and fed it directly into a Radial JCR re-amp box via TRS-XLR balanced into the reamp box, then unbalanced TS-TS into the MarkV high Z input.I recorded the noise level, and compared it in LPX. Surprisingly, it is 100% identical, both as measured in LPX as well as by just (subjectively) listening. I re-read the SBGL manual, and it says that all I/O is buffered, and the impedance is 1 megaOhm. 

So it appears that the SBGL does act as a re-amp box already, and there is no need for one. Furthermore, I was not using any DI for the guitar and plugged it stright into the SBGL.

UNbless I’m missing somehting, it therefore doesn’t appear that there is any need for DI or re-amp when using the SBGL, UNLESS things start to matter when connecting line level devices like the H9000? This is my next step now that the SBGL is back into my rack.

Curious to know what you guys think?


@joecozzi: Thanbk you so much for the detaied explanation and diagram. As I see it, the RJM device you use which has 4 balanced loops is akin to aSwitvhBlade. However, you clrarly and carefully use DI and re-amp boxes in your setup, so wondering whether it is necessary because the RJM doesn’t have the buffers and high Z that the SBGL has or any other reason?