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J20056 wrote:

@joecozzi: Thanbk you so much for the detaied explanation and diagram. As I see it, the RJM device you use which has 4 balanced loops is akin to aSwitvhBlade. However, you clrarly and carefully use DI and re-amp boxes in your setup, so wondering whether it is necessary because the RJM doesn't have the buffers and high Z that the SBGL has or any other reason?

That is correct. The RJM Effects Gizmo is simply a loop switcher. It doesn't feature the same impedance matching and gain structuring capabilites of the SBGL. It does have a buffered guitar input, however. Plus, I was already familier with thier other MIDI products. I also opted to keep the DI/Reamping separate because I prefer Radial's higher end products. I compated three other DI manufacturers and they offered the best sonic performance. But the Switchblade looks like a great option, too.