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Hi, thanks for the update! Yes it’s funny but my Modfactor was sitting on top of my amp and the other day when I powered up the pitchfactor came on but the MF was dead. Swapped the power supplies around – nothing! So I took the MF into the other room and opened it up, switch cleanered it and hey presto! it worked. So it stuck it all back together and off/on/off/on – AOK. stuck it back on top of the amp and gave it a day and switched back on – Oh no it’s died again. Anyway took it back into the other room and left for a day. switched on and working perfectly. Now I tried wiggling the power jack to see if I can replicate the fault. But it doesn’t matter, the unit stays happily on. there’s no evidence of a dry joint or a short.

So I concluded it’s maybe nothing to do with the unit, although at this stage that  is still a possibility. But I am in China so I guess there might be a voltage/current drop that could knock out one power hungry unit. And it wouldn’t suprise me if the current was irregular from one room to the next. Also I cannot rule out the possibility of having 2 dodgy power supplies. And it may well be atmospheric variation…


But your news is reassuring!