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h9controller wrote:

brock wrote:

I don’t believe there is any way to do exactly what you’re asking here.  I use placeholders – I have starting templates for most of the algorithms; saved & labeled as such.  Just presets adjusted to all ‘neutral’ settings, as a starting point.  You could copy & paste a row of these, as filler.  You can also save any preset in BYPASS.


Great suggestions, brock.

I’ll only add that you can insert blank spaces in a preset list using H9 Control.  Use the “More->Insert Preset” feature while at the preset location you want to move to a higher number.

However, this won’t create a blank space on your H9 when you send over the list.  It will just leave what was already there.


Thanks for tips, but if there are any Eventide people reading this, the current system is a little maddening. Especially with so many available preset slots (a feature which, of course, is great!) the ability to cleanly delete presets, paste in blank slots, and other similar features feel like fundamental (and simple to implement) features to keep one’s H9 organized. I’m not a coder, but given that the pedal can already operate with blank slots in its preset memory, would it be that difficult to implement such a feature, the simple ability to add blank slots in place of an existing preset? Please consider this, thanks.