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nickrose wrote:

This is something that we have considered before;

While there is an aspect of serendipity involved, I also suspect that 4 out of 5 would not be interesting.

But, worth a thought.


An idea to minimize this problem….

I helped the guy who designed the software editors for the Meris pedals, and aware of this, we had it set up so you could set what parameters would and wouldn’t be tweaked, as well as upper/lower limits for them. Doesn’t give you a great preset, every time, but at least helps you avoid some unusable ones by putting limits on parameters that can make things unusable at the extremes (such as, say, settng it so the mix level is never at zero, so you’re not creating a preset you can’t even hear). We had it set up so you could tweak how long the random preset would play, and you could pause it and then save it on the fly. I came up with some pretty amazing presets with it.