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bohan wrote:

Decibull wrote:

In the H9 Control Desktop app, I clicked the Pedal Settings tab at the bottom And then clicked Install Software while the 5.8.5 Version was highlighted.

Still same result. Pedal resets from the reinstall of the firmware, I turn to preset 2, crash.

I got a reply from my ticket this morning saying my issue was sent off to an engineer. I think I have a lemon at this point. Both the 5.8.5 and 5.8.2 firmware showed the same behavior.

Did you try the Eventide Direct Updater as I said in the last post? Please give it a shot and after installing the latest firmware, please reinitialze your H9 by powering it up while holding the black knob and the right footswitch.

As I said in the last post, I’ll try to translate to PC (since you only provided Mac instructions and now that I’ve figure it out through digging on my own, don’t see anything you described in the PC H9 Control UI). I did end up finding the Direct Update tool, ran the install for 5.8.5, ran the Initialize by holding the black dial and tap buttons down, switch to preset 2, crash.

Sending back to Sweetwater for a refund. Also paid extra for fast shipping for a lemon unit. Really suprised that a crash where no sound comes through the pedal is even possible. I would expect in the case a ‘crash” happened somewhere in the firmware that it would have a safety net that would switch on and pass the uneffected signal through instead.