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brock wrote:

Apologies for not being very clear.  If I pinch in landscape mode, I do get those tabs, and subsequently the default (Samsung) keyboard after selecting.  The problem lies in actually being able to enter alphabet letters.  Only numbers will successfully show up in the popup slot.

Strange development last night.  Please bear with me here on the correct terminology.  If, for example, I entered the letter "G", then nothing would type in.  However, if in the "suggested word completion" choices (for example, "GOOD", or "GREEN"), selecting one of those would enter the letter "G", followed by a space,

For now, I'm using all numbers as placeholders for my presets.  Unfortunately, I can't swipe screenshots in an Android with an open dialog.  But let me try taking some pix of the phone with another Android phone.

This is weird, cause I have a galaxy s8 here and it works fine. I can type all letters. Please see my screenshots. Do you use/see the same keyboard on your phone?