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bohan wrote:

Well that dialog was saying a preset list was imported and no separate presets were imported, which was correct…Cause you were importing a preset list but not a prest…

Well, I just checked. One may import only one file at a time, not more. So, if I import preset list, I cannot import preset. So, the info should tell me just that Preset List was imported OK, or add how many presets were imported (in my case 99). And if one imports separate preset, than state number/names of presets. (At present it is possible import only one preset at once.)

I am a computer programmer. And to my opinion there is a bug. OK, one may call it feature.

If I import Preset List intention of the programer was to show number of imported presets, but it always shows 0. (It is not possible to import Preset List and Presets at the same times, as you indicate, and it is not even possible to import more than one separate preset in one time. So, counter of imported presets should indicate number of presets in Preset List or be removed as misleading…)