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Thanks for the help. This is indeed a mystery. I bought these two H9s about 2 months ago (here in Japan), then took a break from recording for the holidays after I played with them for a bit and updated the firmware (which I am nearly sure, I just plugged into one of my compatible power supplies that I already had on my bench). Now that I’ve rearranged my studio and went to finally integrate the H9s into my rig, I can’t find the power supplies. I have all of the manuals and the black velvet bag but can’t locate either of the power supplies. I’ve gone through every power supply in my studio, every box, every nook and cranny.

Is it completely improbable that I’d buy two H9s and neither one would come with a power supply? It seems just as improbable to me that I’d lose both of them… I’m just curious what you guys (at Eventide) think… because really I can’t think of an explanation of how two identical power supplies would disappear, as nobody else has access to my studio and I definitely did not toss them out by mistake since I break down every box completely flat before I throw it out (and I actually used the H9 boxes as mailers to send some gifts to a friend, so I know the boxes were empty).

Anyway yeah… this is really weird.