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Korhan Erel
ethosphere wrote:

Internal modulators! The H9 would be so much more powerful if it had a few lfos, envelopes, step sequencer and other types of modulators that you could assign to the fx params. Would turn the pdeal into a much more powerful beast!

This is most probably not possible with the existing algorithms as it would require the reprogramming of all existing presets -> nightmare. And most algorithms have modulation in them anyway. I am personally fine with modulating the H9 externally. With the new Zoia from Empress Effects, you can send all sorts of modulations to the H9 and even make those modulations part of a Zoia preset. When you load that preset, the H9 switches to the associated preset and gets modulated by the Zoia. The two become a powerful processor. But this display problem I mentioned above makes the H9 difficult to use while being modulated. It would be a simply general settings switch to fix this. ‘Display values of MIDI modulated parameters’ Yes / No 🙂