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It was faster to come up with a base preset.  Q-Wah was the 1st algorithm to come to mind, with the BassWAH TYPE providing an extended range.  It held up pretty well against your YouTube link.  That is, from a quick run on a Steinberger bridge pickup, a touch of clean boost in front, but no compression.  Clean Vox amps.

SENSITIVITY is where you start:  match your playing style & picking strength.  Give it a good range of picking dynamics to chew on.  OUT LEVEL, if you need to gain-stage here.  Check the Input & Output Level Meters.

Q-INTENSITY (effect mix / depth), DEPTH, SENSITIVITY, and BOTTOM are going to be interactive.  Don’t worry about the ‘bottom row’ for now [TEMPO, DEPTH MOD, SPEED MOD, MOD SENS MOD SOURCE].

  • Set your base SENSITIVITY level.  Small tweaks on everything else
  • Too harsh on the high end?  Bring down Q-INTENSITY or DEPTH; bring up the BOTTOM.
  • Not enough effect?  Bring up the DEPTH, Q-INTENSITY.
  • Don’t max any interactive control out; up or down.  25 to 75 range; small increments.

Plenty of other options (algorithms) to choose from, but let’s start here.