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Just successfully updated h9000 to 1.2.2(3) 🙂

…but now eMote ver 1.2.2[4] doesn’t see the box – says ”No Device Selected” :-0


If I press “+” to add a new device it says: “Manually configure a device by IP address”. The manual says

“Click on the + icon at the bottom of the browser window to manually enter the IP address of an H9000 on the network. This feature can be useful if…”


So I look to see what is going on about IP address under “Network” / “SETUP” and it gives only “”. My WiFi is working OK, so…


Question: how does one manually configure/add a device? I cannot find this in the h9000 manual or the eMote manual


I also pressed “IP Config” and I see that DHCP is ticked and I get the dialogue: “Your h9000 is currently in DHCP mode. Choose DHCP to initiate a request for an IP address or Manual to configure a static address”. As I do not know the IP address for my box it seems I am stuck?


I have tried rebooting and also going backwards to Emote-1.2.1[9]-osx-installer.dmg – no difference – it still says “No Device Selected”. The Software updates under the H9000 SETUP menu also says “No releases found!”. I have also looked around in the manuals and googled and searched the Forums but could not find any clues.


I see that other people on the Forum also have had some issues with updating. Any tips gratefully received.


Many thanks,




laptop: MBP 2012 model

osX: 10.11.6.

H9000: 1.22.[3]

eMote: is on 1.2.2[4]

interfaces; MH2882+dsp