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zhensun wrote:


I'm having an issue with importing preset or presets list to H9 Control (iOS and Windows application). When I tried to import a preset or a preset lists, either the one I exported from another computer or downloaded from preset sharing site, the application will display "No data imported! No presets or prest lists were found to import".


Example of a preset: https://www.eventideaudio.com/community/presets/jgoldbach/stu-g-ambient-delay

Example of a prest list: The latest official Max preset list  V4.


The issue is not consistent on all of my devices – I can import the Stu G presets on one computer and save it to a prest list. I sent the preset list I saved to other devices (iOS and Windows), but could not import it to either of them.

Any thoughts? Is it caused by the settings on the particular devices?


How did you import the prest file? On iOS, you need to put them under the H9 Control folder in the Files app first. Then you should be able to import them in the H9 Control app.