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Eventide Staff
Mike Yocum wrote:

Hi folks,

I'm new here. Please forgive me for my ignorant question, so far below the other questions and answers I've seen. I am well aware that Eventide is a premier effects provider to the music community, and it has my utmost respect!

I am a bassist. I currently use an Electro Harmonix Pitch Fork for my pitch transposition needs. Simple as it is, it allows me to:

  1. Transpose pitch in preset amounts (detune, minor second, major second, major third, perfect fourth, perfect fifth, major sixth, minor seventh, one, two, and three octaves)
  2. Blend wet and dry signal
  3. Transpose up, down, or both
  4. Works polyphonically, not one note at a time (important)

(It also adds an odd artifact to the sound that I've grown to like, perhaps because I don't know any better!)

The problem is that it has no presets! I have to bend over onstage and adjust the unit for the different tunings I need. Additionally, I have made embarrassing mistakes live by not setting it properly!

Can an H9 be used in such a simple manner? I know that the unit can do otherworldly things, and I would be anxious to explore those, but right this minute what I need is a programmable pitch transposer to replace the Pitch Fork.

If so, which algorithm and preset would you suggest as a starting point?

Many thanks from a newbie,


Have you tried H910/H949 and PitchFlex algorithms? Play with those factory presets in H9 Control. Let me know what you think.