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luedmo wrote:

hi All


On my trusty TF stompbox and H9 – hitting the “Active” footswitch on a delay algo will result in the INPUT being switched on, not the OUTPUT.


On the h9000 it seems the other way around. The h9000 keeps the INPUT open at all times; so when you switch in a delay you get tails spilling over into your signal chain. Not necessarily ideal – I prefer to switch in a delay so that what I play *afterwards* gets delayed, not what i played before.


I’ve read the manual but cannot find any clues – killDry ON and OFF seems to  governs what happens after you switch OFF a delay, not before.


Anyone out there have any ideas I’d be grateful as I have some gigs coming up…


Many Thanks!




Hi Everyone,


I’m now using MUTE rather than BYPASS to achieve a regular “Bypass behaviour” by putting in a parallel THRU algo (mapped with an invertedMuteMin & MuteMax setting) next to the delay algo. Then my CC toggles nicely (yet to check in ProTools how much hiatus if any) and I get no messy tails when I engage the delay 🙂

It works! but I have lost an algo in that FX chain 🙁

Meanwhile forwards & onwards,