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dbaylies wrote:

joeydego wrote:
How do you edit (add to) an fx chain with emote?? Everything I try and do on the fx chain page takes me right to the algorithm page and doesn’t let me add additional algorithms than what the fx chain calls for. There are typically 16 blocks to drag algos but it’s chain dependent. Once I get 4 up top, I can’t get any more underneath to add. What am I missing? I’m routing 4 stereo paths ADAT 1-8 IN/OUT. Top row in the algorithm page has 4 algorithms, all going to their own stereo pairs. Shouldn’t I be able to add to each chain beneath?

Hi Joey,

I believe I understand the issue. The behavior you are seeing is correct, because an individual FX chain can only hold up to four algorithms. If you’ve already got four in one FX chain, you can’t add more.

I think what you need is to add more FX chains, so you can have up to 16 algorithms across a maximum of 4 FX chains. To do this, go to the FX chains tab (clicking “FXCHAINS” at the bottom of Emote) and drag in a new FX chain from the list of chains on the left, Then, you’ll be able to add up to four algorithms on each FX Chain you add.


Yes, this is 100% right and what I was not grasping. Thanks.