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Eventide Staff
PhaseShift wrote:

Hi there, using an iPad Pro 9.7 (2016) iOS 13.3.1. I've been facing some weird glitches with the new iOS version of H9 Control 

1. Preset Sharing, at times, while sharing presets, the iCloud sharing folders don't hi-light (from greyed out) and whilst going back and trying again, the folder appears, but H9 Control crashes, this has happened 4 times today.

3. Weird Preset Jumping whilst app switching  – Apart from the very frustrating jumpback to "HOME" screen when switching back to H9 control from other apps. the app has been freezing and sometimes crashing, and i have faced a few instances of the preset jumping to a random preset and algorithm (usually Digital Delay) I guess it's jumping to the first preset and algo in my list derived by the Algo sorting and View option.

5. Save Change Dialog appears while switching presets even when no knobs have been touched or tweaked. quite frustrating while selecting thru presets. and sometimes a direct "rename preset" option with keyboard pops up, without any additional taps.

1. Could you take some screenshots or screen recordings? So I can follow that to reproduce your issue.

3. The preset that H9 Control jumps to is the currect preset loaded on your H9. It shouldn't be a random preset.

5. Yes. We know this issue as well. This happens when you change presets too fast in H9 Control. The Bluetooth commnication between the app and the pedal takes time so if you change presets too fast something wrong would happen in the communication so the app would think the preset has been changed.