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Eventide Staff
KentuckyThrash wrote:

Well, I got the expressionator, and it shows me exactly what position the pedal is in.  While the level displays on the expressionator as evenly rising relative to pedal position, the PitchFactor STILL does the same thing.  The Expressionator shows 20% and the PitchFactor shows 60%.  Switching back and forth between log and linear shows me that the PitchFactor is even more sensitive in log mode.  

I've jumped through every hoop there is to jump through.  This is a problem with PitchFactor unit itself.  How can I get this repaired?

Thank you for all your feedback. We looked into this issue. We think this is a fault in the schematic design. So it is PitchFactor's problem, but not particular to yours.

H9 is different and doesn't have this problem. We think a 5k pot may work better with PitchFactor, but we cannot promise how much better it gets.