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bohan wrote:
Could you try following this and see if you can get the keyboard to work?

Go to Settings -> General management -> Language and Input, now select “Samsung Keyboard” as the Default Keyboard.

Then go to On-screen Keyboard -> Samsung Keyboard -> Smart typing and TURN OFF “Predictive text” there.

Now try typing in H9 Control again.

I was able to try this briefly last week.  Unfortunately, it didn’t work on the Galaxy Note8.  I tried every iteration of the Samsung Keyboard & Smart Typing options.  And it made no difference either way on the Galaxy Note9.

But ...

I (very briefly) winged it early this morning, and it seemed to be isolated to ser presets.  Maybe genetically related to a “Patient Zero” corrupted template preset?  I was focusing on Tricerachorus presets.  Let me try a few more A/B/C/D options, and report back.