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Glad you got it working.  Just a couple things to consider:

Paul2916 wrote:
… I have the Helix set to Midi Base Channel 1(Global Settings), the H9 set to Midi Receive Channel ‘Omni’ and the H9 Midi Output Mode to ‘Thru’. I think the Marshall is set to receive on ‘Omni’ too …

Omni mode works, because it listens on all 16 MIDI Channels.  But it can also become problematic, because it will respond to anything coming in.  If your setup gets any more complicated, you might want to match each device to a single MIDI Channel; both the send/transmit and receive sides.

Paul2916 wrote:
… All I have to do now is find out how to put the required H9 presets into position so that when I recall a Helix preset it activates the required H9 preset…

The H9’s Program Change Receive Map.  Match the incoming Program Change message to whatever preset is loaded in the H9.  Just be aware that some devices count Program Changes from 0-127; some start from 1 to 128.  And the H9 presets number from 1-99.  The “off-by-one trap” has been around since the dawn of MIDI.

Paul2916 wrote:
… (including summoning ‘Bypass’ as a preset if necessary)…

You can save a preset in Bypass mode, and it’ll recall bypassed.  Or you can use PC or MIDI CC messages to trigger Active, Bypass, or toggle between Active & Bypass.