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vrooney wrote:
Just another reason to consider software alternatives. That disclaimer/comment should be posted on the website under the H8000 series to make people aware that the devices are abandoned with regard to updates so they don’t invest in them. Age of the hardware shouldn’t dictate their relevance which still exceeds industry standards.

If the hardware was discrete circuitry only with no display, etc, then yes, 20 years is just a start.  However, anything even slightly recent with displays, complex operating systems, etc are rarely supported even this long.  I’m not sure I can name an effects processor made in the late 80s through 2000 that is still supported by the manufacturer, no matter how much it cost.

FWIW, I’ve had more issues keeping old software running on current platforms than I’ve had keeping old hardware running in my racks (Lexicon, Publison, Eventide, Roland, Marshall Time Modulators, AMS, etc).