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Honch wrote:
… If they only could make delay A be added on top of delay B, and in the end produce 6 second delays for “Frippertronics” and “Soundscapes” stuff I would be all game. Of course, the feedback controls should work accordingly too, that you put it in the 6 second loop, as well as a HOLD function is a must. That you can “freeze” or lock the infinite repeats, and play on top of it without adding new signal into the chain…

This might help you with the 1st one.  The HOLD function uses the REPEAT [Aux to Performance] switch.


Honch wrote:
… If not, a new algorithm with delay and hall reverbs together… BUT! the first repeats of the delay should be totally dry in the dry/wet reverb mix and the faintest repeats in the vack should have huge amount of reverb. As it occurs in real life, if you move away from a sound source. It becomes fainter and the actual reverb mix increases, and eventually will have no direct sound at all. Peculiar, no one thought of this, in any other pedal either. Would be cool to also have the stereo width increase accordingly as the repeats fades and reverb increases. Some 3D depth to it all. Not that the reverb algorithm changes, but just the wet/dry mix of the reverb. As the repeats fades, and becomes less high fidelity the reverb increases…

Have to think about that one.  Kind of a combination of Ducked Delay, DynaVerb, …

Maybe SpaceTime, with an expression pedal.