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Fair Warning:  This is a weird one.  Kind of a frequency modulated synth stab, matrixed with an ADSR.

Extreme RATE, DEPTH L-C-R; all applied to the attack of your input notes [ENV MIX].  The dissonance will smoothly fade into your dry tone.  Being envelope-triggered, it’s controllable at the pick / fingertips.

There’s a great deal of expression pedal mapping going on here.  Not all that necessary, but it dynamically changes the entire character of the preset throughout.  The RATE drop (still hovering at the extremities) pulls off a little ‘pitchbend’, while drifting down to a (slightly) less wobbly effect.  DEPTH L-C-R to 50 help to calm things down.  TONE LO-CUT -75 shifts the focus in the frequency range.


But the most variations comes from ENV MIX … flipping direction to -25.  As you approach ENV MIX 0 (with the EXP PED / HotKnob), the FM attack can rarely be triggered.  Further on in the pedal travel, you’ll hear your dry input attack, followed by the FM synth effect (fading in on the string decay).