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      You don’t hear much about the VIBRATO mode [CHORUS MIX @100].  Scant mention in the documentation (no dry signal present).  Maybe nothing you can’t accomplish in another algorithm.

      As just one part of a multi-effect algo, though, … I’ll take it.  I’m finding some cool sounds with the ‘pure’ pitch shifts & Kill Dry routing.  A ducking delay, for example.  Feedback not included.

      The ducking originates in the ENV MIX – 35 value.  Slow it down with ENV MIX -50; speed it up towards ENV MIX -15.  Play rapid notes, and the 200 mS DELAY is held down.  Stop, and the echo ramps up.  Play smooth legato, and the echo blends in as a deep thickening.


      Oh, yeah.  The actual VIBRATO part.  I like to bring that in with an expression pedal [HotKnob; MIDI].  As much animation as TriceraChorus is capable of, subtle movement of multiple parameters really shoots it to another level.  All kinds of crossings, interactions, and internal movements.

      At the Toe position, RATE increases from 2.50 Hz. to a fast vibrato 5.50 Hz.  Hardly any DEPTH C at the lower RATEs; DEPTH C 25 for the fastest RATE.  I do this a lot, as it sounds more ‘natural’ to me.

      DEPTH C is mono/centered, and I ranged it from 1 to 25OFF takes the voice out of the routing, and sometimes you can hear a little ‘pop’ (when rapidly swept), as the algo reconfigures its voices.


      ENV MIX -35 is still going to fade the DELAY in, but now it does double-duty fading up the vibrato.  One simple tweak here is to swap direction of ENV MIX (25).  Change this preset into a  … bouncing … Hendrixian studio effect … something.  Dry input dropped way back, with the emphasis on the 200 mS echo.

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      Here’s another variation on the slapback theme.  Just a touch of movement for doubling, with a slow RATE, low DEPTH L-C-R (more at center), a little DETUNE MIX, at a 5C DETUNE spread; all anchored at DELAY 15.0 mS.


      The expression pedal is what fades into the 100 mS DELAY here [no ENV MIX active].  Increasing DETUNE MIX blurs & fattens the entrance.  Your dry signal is mixed back as the echo becomes more prominent.  The crossfade between DELAY values adds to all the movement, & creates some unusual doubling FX.

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      Ok thanks. Can’t wait to try them out!!

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      The most obvious use for the VIBRATO section.  ‘Dry’ at the heel position of an expression pedal.


      Gradual fading in of DEPTH C & RATE increases.  Aiming for some natural ‘mechanics’.


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      Here is an example of some extreme settings that don’t come across as extreme [maxed DEPTH L-C-R].  Slow RATE.  Even slower on the attack; speeding up on note decay (barely discernible) [ENV RATE -35].


      The expression pedal at Toe simply swaps the direction of ENV RATE 35.  The ‘fastest’ RATE on the attack, and ramping down on the decay.  The ‘dead spot’ in the middle of the pedal throw negates the RATE changes.  ENV RATE affects the VIBRATO, but not the DETUNE module.  I mapped the HotSwitch to follow the 3-chorus with some deep DETUNE MIX, that sounds more complex than overpowering.

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      A simple, ‘always on’ VIBRATO.  It starts out with a centered image, at the heel position.

      At about mid-throw, you’ll hear ‘null’ transition, where all three voices cross each other.

      The pan-to-wide stereo happens towards the toe position, with the center image gradually dropping out.  It adds a not-too-obvious RATE change, that subtly enhances the widening effect.

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      Fair Warning:  This is a weird one.  Kind of a frequency modulated synth stab, matrixed with an ADSR.

      Extreme RATE, DEPTH L-C-R; all applied to the attack of your input notes [ENV MIX].  The dissonance will smoothly fade into your dry tone.  Being envelope-triggered, it’s controllable at the pick / fingertips.

      There’s a great deal of expression pedal mapping going on here.  Not all that necessary, but it dynamically changes the entire character of the preset throughout.  The RATE drop (still hovering at the extremities) pulls off a little ‘pitchbend’, while drifting down to a (slightly) less wobbly effect.  DEPTH L-C-R to 50 help to calm things down.  TONE LO-CUT -75 shifts the focus in the frequency range.


      But the most variations comes from ENV MIX … flipping direction to -25.  As you approach ENV MIX 0 (with the EXP PED / HotKnob), the FM attack can rarely be triggered.  Further on in the pedal travel, you’ll hear your dry input attack, followed by the FM synth effect (fading in on the string decay).

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