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Hello again. I finally got a mixing board for my 1745M, It’s a Samson MDR1064, with 10-channels. 6 mono and 2 stereo. It has 2 aux busses. I had a custom 4 XLRF-1/4″ plug combiner cable made, so that I could send the signals of all 4 output channels of my 1745M (3 straight delays and 1 delay/flange/pitch) simultaneously. I sent the combined signals into one of the 2 aux busses. The output was a highly confused (meaning I couldn’t control individual outputs) signal. So I unplugged the remaining 3 leads, and focused on just single module output. SUCCESS! My 1745M sprang into life. I started with the Delay/Flange/Pitch module. My question now is, how do I send the D/F/P module’s signal across multiple mixing board channels? Can I only go one 1745M module per mixing board channel? How can I apply, say, the Pitch Change function, across multiple channels of my mixing board? Do I send JUST the D/F/P signal into the aux busses?