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Hello guys, I would like to ask you if there is a problem in my H9 Max.

The symptoms are:


-Freezing suddenly after some time of use (20-40 minutes)

-Getting hot

-Need to unplug the power adapter and wait a while to turn it again and use.

-when it freezes, appear the letter “E” and sometimes letter “V” on the display, and no sound (nothing) comes out of the pedal.


It happened once and when I immediately restarted (unpluging and pluging the power), it appeared as H9Core….and no Alg were listed.


I restarted again and it started as H9 Max, but it crashed ang turned it off all by itself.


I reinstalled the latest firmware again but it keept freezing after some use and to a pedal, in my opinion it is getting a little bit hot….


I just bought the pedal, and would like to know if this is a sw or hw issue related, because I’m in Brazil and I hardly doubt that there’s someone able to fix it here.