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italoop wrote:

99.9% of the reverb A/B/C/D modules based algorithms have their decay time adjustable between 0.0 to 1000.00 seconds. Very, very few stop at 100.0 sec. And all are fully and easily adjustable from the knob or numeric keypad.  A few old DSP4000 presets may be using a smaller range and/or a tapered knob, making the decay times values not fully linear…. but that's about a dozen presets, maybe.

No tapered knobs where ever used in all other algorithms… also because making reverb decay Tap Tempo controllable requires fully linear knobs control and high resolution quantization (0.xx sec).

This is true equally in the H9000.  The knob ranges, resolutions and tapering are all identical and the algorithms behave the same.

It is possible that we are calculating the increment per rotation of the encoder differently.  We aim to get a good balance between fine control and being able to get from one end of the range to the other in a reasonable number of rotations.

The original poster's issue is that because the control is linear and the range is large, it is hard to dial decay times in precisely.  We addressed this on the H9000 by adding a fine control mode where holding Enter (check) while moving the encoder can dial in (for example) 0.01 second adjustments to these decay times.  However, having a tapered control would probably improve the usability of these algorithms.