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A poor man’s bitcrusher, without any control over sample depth.  [Might be simulated with FILTER control?]

There’s a strong OUT LEVEL boost to compensate for the 5 bits.  DELAY A + B times are optional (keep it low for WET MIX 100), but I’ve included them here for doubling effects.


Expression pedal is optional.  It’s mapped to swap the DELAY A+B values between 5 & 25 mS, in opposite directions.  That’ll put a little ‘whammy bump’ bend into the pedal throw.

Slow travel, and it’s a fairly gentle ‘pitch shift’; down & up.  Fast travel, and it resembles an old KORG / UniVox BENDER switch.  Different ranges of DELAY A + B times are useful for deeper or shallower bend-and- returns.

Bonus points if you switch REPEAT on some sustaining notes, and continue to work your expression pedal.  That will twist a crushed note into an atonal sequence, before sputtering out.  Full Toe on the EXP PED hastens the disintegration into dust particles.


You can fold in some modulation effects to that ‘pitch bend’ (again, optional).  Ramp in both MOD DEPTH & MOD SPEED at the same time, to enhance the doubling effect.  It’s a ‘natural’ overlay on an ‘unnatural’ effect, and gets especially complex on the decaying signal.