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yuri romboli wrote:

Hello everybody,

Is there someone who experienced a bothering hiss noise from speakers when plugged the mixing link into the mixer? This noise seems to be not related to the presence of some noisy pedal in the pedal chain as the problem was already present when the sequence was mic –> mixing link –> mixer. 

I also tryed to activate/deactivate the ground lift switch. No  changes.

I need to find a solution to this problem, please help me!

hi Yuri,

Can you say which MXLNK connectors you are using to connect to the Mixer, and what type of input you are are using on your mixer.

Also can you say what the MXLNK mic/input gain sw level is set to and what the MXLNK DI/LINE XLR out level (bottom of unit) is set to? 

thanks, joe waltz