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Hi Joe,

My setup is DPA 4099 -(XLR, into Mic/Line In)-> MixingLink-(XLR, through DI/Line out)-> Behringer Xenyx 802 mixer -(Jack/Line, through Phones))-> Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 80 Ohm.

The MXLNK gain is set to 1 o’clock, and I have the “GND Lift” and the “-20” activated.


Connected to my MixingLink, I have a Neunaber reverberator.

I play on a trombone.

I have just tried to connect my headphones directly to the MixingLink, both through the inputs “To amp” and “Phones”  and there are slightly less noise here. But here, the volume can’t get up to a niveau that is comfortable enough, and it’s also only mono through the “To amp” input, as it should be.

I have tried it on a PA-system as well. Here are do the same, except for the Behringer-mixer, I connect the “DI/Line Out” to a normal XLR-input. Here I have the same issue with the noise.


Best regards



JWaltz wrote:

Hi Jonathan,

Can you say what your set up is and how it is connected and what MXLNK gain switches are set to?

thanks, joe waltz



Jonathanbm wrote:

Hi Yuri. 

I have just got the MixingLink and am currently experiencing the same issue. Have you got any reply, how to minimize the noise?