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tlongabaugh wrote:

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tlongabaugh wrote:

Ok, are you on mac or windows?

Sorry, I should have send. I’m on Windows 10 here.

Thanks, please try the following steps. Usually issues like these on Windows are caused by not having the matching 32/64-bit binary installed for the bit-ness of your DAW, or by not having the correct VST2 path set.


  1. Confirm that you have the latest version of the plug-in installed: https://www.eventideaudio.com/products/plugins
  2. Confirm that you have the latest version of iLok License Manager installed (www.ilok.com).
  3. Make sure the plug-in license is activated to your machine or iLok dongle in the iLok License Manager.
  4. If you are using VST2, Eventide Plug-ins are installed to the following locations by default. Please make sure that your DAW is set to look at the applicable custom folder:

    1. VST32: c:Program Files (x86)Common FilesSteinbergVST2Eventide
    2. VST64: c:Program FilesCommon FilesSteinbergVST2Eventide

  5. If steps 1-4 don’t solve your issue, close your DAW and run the plug-in Uninstaller. The uninstaller is located at Start Menu->Control Panel->Programs and Features->Uninstall a Program
  6. Open your DAW and rescan your plug-ins, and then shut your DAW again.
  7. Deactivate and reactivate the plug-in license in iLok License Manager.
  8. Reinstall your plug-in. If you are installing VST2 to a custom folder, make absolutely sure you are installing the correct 32 or 64-bit version to that folder.
  9. Reopen your DAW and rescan your plug-ins.


Awesome, thank you. 🙂 I have it working now. It ended up being in the wrong folder. Thanks again. 🙂