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Powerful 23 Plug-in Bundle
Iconic Collection of Eventide Classics
Powerful 11 Plug-in Bundle
Three Essential Production Tools
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Overdrive/distortion command center
Iconic H3000 Pitch, Delay & Reverb
8 bands of rhythmic delays
H3000 FX factory - 450 Presets!
Dual Voice Pitch Shifter + Special FX
8 voices of diatonic pitch shifting
Split sound in two
4 voices of diatonic pitch shifting
Four voice pitch shifter for iOS
Leslie Cab Modulation Plugin
Vintage bucket brigade tri-chorus
64 Taps, 150 Presets and Slurm control
Magical modulated tremolo


A great sounding room reverb
Extraterrestrial reverb
Lush reverb, ripping distortion
Massive ethereal reverb with pitch shifting
Room, Stereo Room and Hi-Density Plate
Classic amp reverb effect with tremolo
Visconti/Bowie inspired triple reverb
Pro reverb bundle - 9 algorithms

Clockworks Legacy

First digital effects processor
De-glitch, MicroPitch, Multi FX
Classic Flanging for the Modern Mix
Emulation of the first studio phaser
First Dynamics FX Processor


Channel strip with lite CPU footprint
Urei 545 parametric EQ emulation
Urei 565 filter set emulation
Precision sub-sample delay
Ultimate channel strip

Third-party Plug-ins

Powerful audio mastering limiter bundle
Graphic EQ modeled after the human ear
Polysynth with 5 chaotic oscillator types
Free Chaos Synth
Auditory Transient Shaper
Spectral Clipper with Overdrive