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Eventide Staff
Pitch wrote:


My beloved PITCH FACTOR still refuses to update.

This issue goes for years now (is like having an affair by now). I think i go back to it once a year. Maybe a new/better installer fixes this  i think to myself but no, all the same.

New H9 control app wich works OKish with my H9 is still unable to update my now vintage PITCH FACTOR, i have it since 2011 and is running 2.3.0[2].

Eventide Direct Updater OSX 10.8 or above, does it work? I can't even make it launch on Mac OS Catalina (allowing updates on security system, any app from anyone can be installed), it just fails everytime. And do i need it? H9 Control doesn't do the same? If so why it is there to download. Anyway…

Hi, PitchFactor needs to be updated with Direct Updater via USB. You don't need to download and install the Direct Updater again. It is bundled with H9 Control. You can open that by clicking "Window" -> "Open Eventide Direct Updater" from the menu bar. Let me know if it works.