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First off, the H9 doesn’t load anything when I play the Sysex track in Logic. I should probably do something else to prompt the load? Secondly, I found a function in H9 control for Mac that is intended to capture the system settings. Unfortunatlely, every time I try to do this capture, the H9 control says “the device doesn’t respond”. It IS connected to a Macbook Pro via USB. Should I activate anything on the device to make this happen? Third, you guys keep on giving me the advice to use the H9 control for the job I previously explained, and the H9 control, be it for Mac or for iOs, simply doesn’t provide ANY option to save an program change transmit map. Or, am I missing something? It seems to me that for the three major live projects I’m involved in, I should purchase three separate H9’s, or a dedicated MIDI switcher, whichever option is cheaper…