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Eventide Staff
Jesch wrote:

I installed the latest firmware the only time I was able to connect the unit.

When the unit is connected via USB, the computer sees it as an "unknow device".

Regarding the Midi and the usb, I try many ways, and I browsed the forum and many others before asking my question.

TimeFactor can only work with H9 Control if it is updated to the latest firmware. You would need to update your TimeFactor with the Direct Updater, which is bundle with the H9 Control app.

If your TimeFactor already has the latest firmware, the problem could be because of MIDI device names. H9 Control remembers a faulty/problomatic name of a MIDI device and tries to connect to it everytime it opens up. You can try "Reset Settings" in the Settings page and click "Reset all settings". Now connect your TimeFactor to your PC via USB and open H9 Control again. Let me know if that works.