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camn wrote:

what have you tried?

Hi there,

Having had a Juno 60 on loan at the studio, I became quite fond of it, it’s chorus and wondering how to replicate it. I did not analyse the sound other than carefully listening, and to me this chorus sound is quite unique. From what I hear when activating it (the settings differ, but seemingly gradually increasing in intensity : I -> II -> I+II) there is classic chorus (bbd?) some microshifting, left right modulation (different timing, having a rotating/tremolo effect), level boost, possibly slight low freq boost and/or lowpass filter. I would add that the sound is slightly denser, despite the volume boost/eq, which might be some low freq harmonic saturation, and some perceived bite(not unlike an exciter) but that is purely based on auditory perception. Also some added noise (which I like as it adds some layer of dirt that seems to slightly flange left-right)

I tried the regular H9 chorus, the Microshift, and Tricerachorus. Due to the combo in the latter of microshift and chorus + envelope it gets in the territory, but not as fat or dirty

I think two H9 in series could do, (or a new multi-algo like the ones in Tricerachorus or other H9 combos of algorithms, hint, hint, benevolent Eventide team ;))

I could not get close as it is now

If anyone has any idea, most welcome 🙂