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Eventide Staff
Tim Zurowski wrote:

Thanks for the reply Bohan. Yes, the three presets that have this message are in PitchFlex and QWah. That is very frustrating because I would really like the option to control different paramters in those algorithms, but I guess that is not an option. Why wouldn't you just allow the same options within those algorithms, just like in all others?

Yes, I do use CONTROL and I can see the expression pedal ribbons and buttons, but I cannot see them move at all when I use the expression pedal. Because of that mapping message they are locked from view. 

PitchFlex algorithm was desined to work with an expression pedal. It's parameters like 2 heels and 2 toes are for the expression pedal. So that algorithm is special.

For other algorithms like QWah, if the modulation source (SHAPE control in this algorithm) is not set to EXP PDL, you can do the expression pedal mappings in whatever way you like.