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Eventide Staff
Bob_B wrote:

Ok, your approach works, but it wasn't exactly what I was asking about. Let me rephrase with an example: I have H9 control open, and connected to my Pitch Factor. On the PF, I use the encoder switch to move to Diatonic. I made changes in Diatonic. I want to save those changes as a preset to a pre-established list in H9 Control on my PC. How does one do this?

I found that after making the changes to Diatonic, I save the preset as a User preset, I can then double click in an empty space in my list, and ask the newly made Diatonic preset to be saved there. Because I like neat, I then delete the User preset in the list of Diatonic presets. I hope that makes sense.

Oh, so you want to save a new preset directly to a preset list?

Then you just need to follow what I suggested. You don't need to find Diatonic through turning the encoder. You can just double click an existing preset or a blank preset in a preset list, then find Diatonic from the algortihms column on the left, then tweak it there and click "Save". This way you don't save a user preset but only save it to a list.