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Eventide Staff
bsfreq wrote:
Also there’s the same wierdness with clock rates. When clocking to 44,1kHz, The H9000 shows that it's locked, but the actual rate reads either 44082Hz, or 44122Hz. Not 44100. I asked RME about this and they said it looks like a bug in H9000 MADI input clock handling.

The value we display for the rate comes from the clock controller chip.  I would need to go digging in the firmware to confirm for sure, but I believe that the reason it shows 44082 / 44122 is just an artifact of the way that value is being derived for display, and doesn’t reflect an actual deviation of -18 / +22 from the nominal rate.  This happens regardless of what the external clock source is (for example, this happens in my home setup using Dante) and is not generally accompanied by any problems in the audio.  This isn't related to the popping issue that the original poster encountered.