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axman53 wrote:

Questions: 1) There are a number of export preset menu picks and I'm not sure what they all do. Which is the correct one to use for my purpose? 2) Then once I have an export file from TF, how do I load that file into the H9? 3) What happens when you import a preset into H9 but the H9 does not have the appropriate algorithm? Thanks!

1) In H9 Control, you can click your TimeFactor in the Preset Lists page, and then click "Save to PC" button at the top menu bar. Then the entire preset list on your TF will be copied to H9 Control as a local preset list. 

2) Now if you connect your H9 to H9 Control as well, go to that TF preset list and double click any preset, and then click the "Save" button you will see an option of "Save to H9".

3) H9 Max has all TF's algorithms. If you don't have an H9 Max, then you won't be able to use those algorithms. You will be prompted to buy those algorithms if you don't have those.