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bohan wrote:

benjaminov wrote:

Before i did the update, i was asked if i am willing to backup the device’s presets to my computer. I clicked yes. it was saved in my desktop as “PitchFactor Backup.syx” (as a one file).

Then, the update started. when it was finished, it deleted all of my presets.

i dragged the saved backup from the desktop to the H9 control, but the presets were totally out of tune, nothing sounded similar.

.it seems like the software recognized the algorithmes in each bank, but it is totally different then what was there before

What did i do wrong? how can i restore the presets i had before the update?

The update shouldn’t delete your presets. The presets on your pedal should be the same as before, as long you didn’t restore your pedal to factory.

What do you mean by “out of tune”? Could you share your “PitchFactor Backup.syx” here?


“Out of tune” means that all the parameters changed. the amount of delayfeedback/pitch etc etc…

mmm it does not let me to upload, it says i can upload only txt png jpg gif h9z json tide pdf 9kp 9kf 9ks files. 

Is there another way i can share it with you?