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Eventide Staff
chriscarter wrote:

Hey there,

I have my H9000 working fine over USB with stereo projects in Logic Pro X. I have it configured to use four stereo FX Chains (L&R pairs) spread over 8 channels, works like a dream, sounds fantastic.

The issue I have is trying to get the Emote configured for Surround in Logic (mostly 5.1, some 7.1). For stereo I use the Logic I/O plugin to route the Emote channels but that plugin is not available when Logic is setup for Surround. Previously with my H8000FW I used the ADAT connections to route audio to/from Logic (via a MOTU 828x interface). Do I have to resort to ADAT again to make use of the H9000 Surround presets, or is there a way to keep my (preferred) USB option?


Thanks, and stay safe…

Hi Chris,

We don't have an answer yet, but I just wanted to let you know that we are working on this and will post an update when we do.