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Yes I already have the H9000 and MOTU (an 828x) set up as an aggregate device. I have the MOTU connected via Thunderbolt alongside the H9k using USB and they are working well paired. I will try your suggestions for setting up the Logic bus arrangement and see if I can get it to work as I need for 5.1. – thanks for that.

The H9000 sample rate is behaving well for the majority of the time over USB and as is locking to the MOTU/Mac without any real issue. One thing I do find is when I turn on the H9000 (always first on in the ‘on sequence’ seems to work best) is that it insists on booting up in 44.1k mode even though I’ve set it to 48k the previous day. Is there any way to save the setup so it always stays at 48k? – which is what the majority of our projects are in.