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skywriter wrote:
My iPad kept sapping the battery lately. Here's the new problem related to H9 Control. 1) using a "System Status" app for CPU usage. Steady State CPU during idle is 10% 2) connect H9 via BT 3) start H9 Control 4) Steady State CPU 20% 5) power cycle H9 (disconnecting H9 via BT System Preferences will also suffice) 6) Steady State CPU 73% H9 Control will continue to consume 73% until H9 Control is killed and restarted. Reconnecting H9's BT without quitting H9 Control doesn't help.

The way H9 Control used to work was it was killed whenever you switched out of the app. Now to make it work in the background, the H9 Control has to be active even if you are on other apps. By doing so it is possible to use 3rd party apps to send MIDI messages to H9 wirelessly through H9 Control. That's why the H9 Control is always active and consuming the battery. So now the app needs to be quit manually if you are not using it.