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Eventide Staff
Hiro_Kone wrote:

Hi thank you. I gave that a go and it's still crashing whenever I try to save using thebluetooth or usb option. One strange thing was that I followed your instructions and when I booted the eventide to update mode – the Eventide Direct Updater could no longer find the h9 (it did when I first connected) and just had "INVALID" as the entry. I updated anyway and it still seem to update however. 

Could you reinitialize your H9 by powering it up with the right footswitch and the black encoder pressed and held? You will see INIT on the screen.

Just to confirm, when you said "H9 crashing", you meant the H9 Control crashes but not the pedal, right?

Does it crash when you save a user preset locally, or save a preset to the pedal, or save a preset list to the pedal?