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Hi Kurt,

Decrementing or incrementing the preset does not automatically load the preset, it just selects the preset to be loaded. To load the selected preset, the ACTIVE button must be pressed. This load functionality can also be assigned to an AUX switch.

A few things to try regarding the tap-tempo: 

1) Make sure to tap at least four times to give the algorithm time to sync up. 

2) Check that the tap divisions are set to quarter-note. (Hold down SHAPE, then use PRESET to select the upper LED on the PRESET ladder.)

3) Note that the delay buffer is not cleared out when tapping in a new delay. So when using feedback, there may be repeats in the buffer from a previous tap rate, especially when tapping long delay times. This can be used to create interesting effects, but if one is not aware of this, it might seem as though the tap rate is off until the buffer clears out. 

Hopefully this helps.