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Tim Zurowski

Thanks for that info bohan, but that makes no difference. Unfortunately, it is more of an issue with the sweep and reaction time of the pedal and not the range. The pedal does turn the volume from 0 to 100, but does not sweep like a typical volume control does. I can do it very well when I am playing a strat, but on a Tele or a Gibson, I cannot work the volume control and play at the same time (i.e. Jeff Beck style). I was hoping I could set the expression pedal to do this, but it does work well. We do the Robben Ford song “Worried Life Blues” and he uses a volume pedal for the intro and sections throughout the song. I want to play my 335 in this song, but can’t do that part well without a volume pedal. Not a big deal . . . . . I can live without. Was just hoping 🙂